Cash in Transit Vehicles for Sale

Cash in Transit Vehicles for Sale

Bullet Proof Cash in Transit vans & trucks, for sale, available for direct shipping to your destination. B4 Ballistic Protection. Right Hand Drive configuration, for Country’s that drive on the left.

This cash in transit van is an ideal SECURE transport solution which is still able to retain a discrete profile in both urban and rural operating area’s.

The threat risk to operating personnel and valuables on board is reduced with utilisation of such vehicle, with reference to attributes such as; the single entry in / out system,  double layer entry security provisions, overlocking cab doors controlled from the interior, bulletproof glass & camera surveillance system, the ideal cash in transit vehicle.

The vehicle has been designed and built to an armour protection level classification B4 β€“ applicable to the the cab area including roof, access system and back panel. No ballistic protection has been provided to the roof or floor areas of the vault – but is manufactured to complete anti bandit protection. This vehicle can be utilised for multiple types of secure transportation missions including, but not limited to:


  • Cash In Transit
  • Mobile Banking Unit
  • High Risk Item transport
  • High Value Jewellery in Transit
  • High Risk Documentation in Transit
  • Secure Personelle Transport
  • Light Bullion Transport



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